Earning your business every day

Welcome! Take time to explore, learn, and consider the various ways we can serve you.
— James Russell, Founder

With nearly 30 years of respected service and satisfied clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, James Russell, PLLC offers a full range of tax, accounting and consulting services for individuals, families and small- to medium-sized businesses with whom we have had the privilege to build loyal, long-term relationships.

Three core values define who we are as a firm and what we can offer you.


We are very passionate about our work. We take pride in what we do every day.


The wisdom of leveraging many skilled, talented professionals to overcome the challenges before you. We want to work with you and your team for the best results for you.


We are committed to you and your business. Our competitive advantage and greatest resource is our people and how we work to earn your business, every day.

Whether you need knowledgeable, wise counsel to start, expand or transition a business, assistance in administering a trust or estate, or tax services that can help you take full advantage of every opportunity the law provides, we can provide the solution that’s right for you, your family, your business or organization. Contact us.